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Print giant response gou: 3 d printing will develop very well

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       Nearly two days, each big media sites are reproduced and comments on the future market gou to predict 3 d printing: "rise if 3 d printing" guo "word and write!" Language atmosphere, so with amazing attack is currently very popular 3 d printers to many readers feel the speculated that run counter to the market, is 3 d printing really so a wool is not worth it, after 2, 3 d printing industry giant also responded to Mr Gou's view.

  Gou told reporters, 3 d printing can't be used in mass production, so some experts advocate "3 d printing is the third industrial revolution", this is just a gimmick, he even said: "if 3 d printing is really useful, I write word" guo "upside down".

  Foxconn for apple iPhone has OEM production for many years, Mr Gou in 3 d printing manufacturing mobile phones, for example, the 3 d printing products, can only see can't use, because these products can be combined with electronic components, unable to mass production for electronic products.

  Gou also said that 3 d printing even if they don't produce electronic product, but limited by the material, the machine can produce the other products is also very few, "even if the produced products, also can't mass production, and one is broken."

  Karen's yesterday said "3 d printing are promising"

  Because gou influence in manufacturing industry, his statement caused a big echo in the 3 d printing industry. Stratasys yesterday, the world's largest 3 d printing company to demonstrate the latest technology and equipment, Beijing founder Scott's Karen told reporters expressed his view of 3 d printing.

  "3 d printing is more suitable for small-scale manufacturing, especially high-end customized products, such as auto parts manufacturing. Although now main material or plastic, but the future is sure to be metal materials used in 3 d printing, "Karen said, 3 d printing technology has entered the dentist, jewelry, medical industry, the future will be more and more widely applicable scope.

  He also pointed out that at present many countries are increasing 3 d printing technology investment, "in China, our products are sold in 73 countries around the world, sales growth in China is the fastest."

  3 d printing equipment prices will continue to decline

  3 d printers play a more and more important role in the industrial areas, but many consumers do not understand the 3 d printing. The Karen said, Stratasys recently bought a desktop MakerBot 3 d printing equipment manufacturers, "the acquisition will be completed in the third quarter of this year."

  He also revealed that after the completion of the acquisition of MakerBot will launch the unit price $5000 the following 3 d printers, expand common consumer market, "you can know, look at Stratasys development course, the price of 3 d printing equipment will be falling."

  As to how to make ordinary consumers can use 3 d printing, Karen said Stratasys will create a combination of hardware and software of the ecological system, such as on the Internet to set up an online platform, users can download the contents of the 3 d printing, can print all kinds of interesting things in the home, "the ecological system is an open, like Google's android platform."